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  1. so ive watched alot of youre videos and all it is is choreographed shit so how would you guys do in a real fight? cause youre good at show man ship but a real fight im not so sure!

  2. The oldschool Kung Fu training and movements like Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers is so much cooler than the tricking session videos. Keep doing the oldschool movements! You did awesome! Bring back kung fu movies they way they used to be! I love it! I would love to see more oldschool kung fu training videos in this style.

  3. Nice to See Yuen Biao's Amazing battle with Lau Kar Wing from Knockabout, such a goof movie, and that fight with the Young Masters is phenomenal,
    Hope you guys collaborate again some day Andy, your a Huge Inspiration! πŸ™‚

  4. where did you get the Wheels on Meals song separated from the movie?

    edit: oh, they just lowered the fight sounds. That song really needs to be released / rerecorded on it's own πŸ™‚

  5. One must never forget to converse with the self. It's warming and motivating to see others learning life through honest expression of the body.

    The day that you tarry is the day that you lose. Much love guys.

  6. I'm glad to see you doing this kind of training, again. An nice video. You have great focus, even in the face of others who don't understand what you are doing. I deal with that very often in my own training. In reference to an earlier video; I worry that your sparring with MMA people would influence the way you approach fighting. Kung Fu isn't just for performance, it is the ability to kill without need for a weapon, and to kill quickly. Perhaps you could find someone who is also skilled as you are to spar with more productively. After all, it should only take a few times working with a wrestle/boxer to assimilate what little technique he possesses. Once you have their timing, they are a two trick pony. Evade punch, counter tear out eyeball, evade take down, counter kick to groin and break neck… I'm sure you know how… the problem is finding ways to train without hurting anyone, and without watering down what you do.

    I enjoy watching you pursue the arts. Perhaps in your sparing, you should find ways to adapt your knowledge to fighting safely with others who are as skilled rather than becoming yet another sport fighter. I started in sport jujitsu, and after becoming an expert in Kenpo/Kung-fu, I was forced to look at my experience and find a way how best to train for real battle, but without always fighting boxers, or miming it in the air. It's a tricky balance, but seems you've already got some fine martial brothers, and hopefully adding some sisters too. So don't be afraid to practice and street-combat stuff with people you trust. Seems this part of the world has enough sport fighters in it already. Best of luck to you all. Yours in the Martial Arts, Sensei Stephen Schneider, Sandan Kenpo Kung Fu. Instructor Danzan-Shooto Ryu,


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